Low Vision Aids


Hand-held magnifier

Low Vision Aids are pieces of equipment that help you make the best use of your vision.

These include:

  • Optical Low Vision Aids
  • Products which use colour or contrast for ease of use
  • Large print products



Increase the image size of an object to make them easier to use. The different types of magnifiers available are:

Hand-held magnifiers – the lens is held away from the object and the design incorporates a handle.

Stand magnifiers – designed to rest flat on the page. these are helpful if your hands are a little shaky.

Illuminated stand magnifiers – some have inbuilt illumination where the light will shine onto the object you are looking at.

Pocket magnifiers – small enough to take out and about and are useful for shopping.

Brightfield / Flat-form magnifiers – bar or dome magnifiers which are placed flat on the page and you can slide across.

Round the neck magnifiers – low powered magnifiers which are useful for hobbies such as knitting or model making.


Typoscope – Envelope Guide


Telescopic Devices

For looking at the distance, can be used for short periods. Monoculars for one eye and binoculars for both eyes.


Spectacle-mounted Aids

Low powered distance telescopes mounted onto spectacles.



Simple and useful tools made of black card or plastic with holes cut in them to act as guides.

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