• Prab Boparai BSc (Hons) MCOptom Dip ScV

    College of Optometrists - MC Optom Principal Optometrist & Director
    AOP UK Optometrist of the Year 2017

    Prab started her career in optics at the age of 18 as a trainee dispensing optician in London. She soon realised that this was the profession she wanted to follow and shortly after qualifying began further training to become a contact lens practitioner.

    Soon after she was headhunted for the position of branch manager at a large optical chain and later became involved in the regional business development program.

    Alongside her career Prab got married and entered into motherhood. Soon after, she returned to her studies as a mature student and began her degree in Optometry at UMIST (Manchester) later transferring to and graduating from City University.

    As an Optometrist Prab has spent much of her career working for many of the large multiples, including Boots Opticians, Specsavers, Dollond & Aitchison and Vision Express, as well as some independent practices.

    Looking for a bigger challenge, Prab joined the team at the new site of the Wolverhampton Eye Infirmary (New Cross Hospital) where her professional development led her to be promoted to the role of hospital Optometrist specialist, a role she still holds on a part-time basis.

    Having experienced a wide range of roles within her profession she realised her interests lie in building a long lasting professional relationship with her patients – which she feels she can only provide in an independent practice. This has led her to open up her own community based independent practice, Bushbury Eye Care, in 2010, later renamed to Prab Boparai Opticians in 2014.

    Clinical Specialities

    During her career Prab has developed specialist experience in a wide range of ophthalmic conditions, particularly whilst working in assisted clinics under the supervision of several consultant Ophthalmologists in the Wolverhampton Eye Infirmary (New Cross Hospital).

    These assisted clinics include;

    • Diabetic – Slit lamp/biomicroscopy grading for the Wolverhampton Diabetic Retinopathy Screening Program
    • Cataract
    • Corneal
    • Complex contact lenses (e.g. keratoconus)
    • Macular degeneration (inc. treatment research programs with Novartis)
    • Glaucoma
    • Paediatric (children)

    Outside of hospital, Prab is also a primary and secondary grader for the Staffordshire Diabetic Retinopathy Screening Program.

    She is one of a handful in the country who has recently been accredited with a SchoolVision Diploma. This allows her to perform specialist examinations designed for patients with reading difficulties and visual dyslexia. Prab also dispenses coloured overlays to help patients with visual stress and migraines.

    Prab is also contracted to provide both NHS and private domiciliary eye care to those who are housebound.

    Having recently undertaken further training Prab will shortly be introducing a dry eye assessment clinic to the practice.

    Professional Roles

    Prab is the chair of the Wolverhampton Local Optometric Committee (WLOC), after having been a committee member for several years. As chair Prab has been a part of planning some pioneering developments in improving eye care in Wolverhampton. Most recently, Prab has been jointly responsible for launching three new eye care schemes in collaboration with the Wolverhampton Eye Infirmary, NHS England and the local clinical commissioning group.

    She is also the Chair of the South Staffordshire Optical Society which hosts various lectures and training events throughout the year for optical professionals.

    Prab is an accredited assessor for WOPEC (Wales Optometry Postgraduate Education Centre). As an assessor she is responsible for examining optometrists during their CET (continuing education training) exams.

    Prab’s passion for clinical excellence has led her to become a facilitator of peer review groups discussing the latest developments in optometry with her professional colleagues.


    In the little spare time Prab has she enjoys travelling and is particularly fond of tasting different cuisines from around the world. She is currently working through visiting the new Seven Wonders of the World, having recently conquered her fear of riding animals through spending her birthday camel riding through the Egyptian desert admiring the Pyramids.

    Often being labelled as a workaholic Prab likes to relax with her family and pets and is a doting mother to five children (two kids, two dogs and a horse).

    Her absolute love of music and dancing helps fuel her interest in organising a wide array of social events.

  • Mohinder Boparai BSc (Hons) MCOptomMohinder Photo

    College of Optometrists - MC Optom
    Senior Optometrist

    Mohinder qualified as an Optometrist as a mature student from Bradford university. He began his training as an Optometrist in Conquest Hospital in St Leonards on Sea in Hastings.

    Since then his career has taken him throughout the country as a senior locum Optometrist, working for both large optical chains and independent opticians practices and he enjoys his role as an independent Optometrist.

    Mohinder also works as a hospital Optometrist specialist in the Wolverhampton Eye Infirmary where he works under the care of consultant Ophthalmologists.

    Clinical Specialities

    His experience in hospital clinics include;

    • Macular degeneration (inc. treatment research programs with Novartis)
    • Cataract (inc. biometry measurements)
    • Corneal
    • Diabetic
    • Paediatric (children)
    • Low vision assessment
    • Glaucoma (inc. visual fields assessments)

    His main interests lie in the reassessment of the eye during and after treatment (e.g. Lucentis injections) for wet macular degeneration.

    Mohinder can also perform NHS and private domiciliary eye care to those who are housebound.


    Mohinder’s thirst for knowledge led him to return to university part-time to study for the Graduate Diploma in Law. In his spare time he enjoys horse-riding and is an avid fan of clay pigeon shooting. He loves travelling and driving, often taking sightseeing road trips throughout the world. He also loves to entertain at dinner parties and is a passionate cook, much to the delight of his wife. Mohinder has a fondness for flying and is currently working towards a lifelong ambition to gain his private pilot’s license.

  • Dawn Case BSc (Hons)dc

    Optical Assistant

    Dawn joined the Prab Boparai Opticians team late 2015, from there she has excelled in all the work she has undertaken and is a key member of the team.



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