Sports & Safety Eyewear

Protective eye wear is essential whether it be for sport hobbies or safety at work. Eye wear is not only beneficial for your sight but it can also provide you with important

New lens materials and frame designs have become available to suit many professions and individuals.

Ski Sunglasses / Goggles

Good ski sunglasses or goggles are essential as the light reflected off the snow exposes skiers to glare and damaging UV rays.

Cycling Goggles

Cycling goggles can provide you with good quality of vision, protect you from harmful UV rays and provide safety for your eyes.

Water Sports Goggles

Water spray, wind and glare can prevent you from seeing well during your activities. Goggles are essential to ensure you enjoy your favourite pastime.

Work Safety Goggles

Safety spectacles have high levels of impact resistance, durability, functionality and comfort.

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