Frames & Sunglasses

There’s never been so much choice for great looking eyewear as today!

We offer a wide range of frame styles and shapes to suit your needs.

From free frames to designer brands, you’ll be certain to find something to suit you!


Janet Reger

Elegant and utterly seductive, the eyewear collection from Janet Reger is everything you would expect from the renowned lingerie designer and more. Flashes of Swarovski crystal and enticing pastel tones make this glamorous range simply irresistible.

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Paul Costelloe

It’s effortless chic all round with this stunning collection from renowned fashion designer Paul Costelloe. Mixing classic styling with intricate embellishing, Costelloe has created a range of unisex eyewear that is simply timeless.

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Celine Dion

Whether it’s the chic frames, feminine detail or the decadent splash of Swarovski, this eyewear instantly endows celebrity status upon the wearer. But then what else would you expect from the legend that is Celine Dion?

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Whiz Kids

Here are the specs kids want to wear! The Whiz Kids and GR8Kids ranges are crammed full of fun, funky styles. Built to last, designed to please, the frames come in both metal and plastic with a choice of playful patterns including stripes, hearts, pastels and more!

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