SchoolVision Assessment




What is SchoolVision?

Schoolvision studies the way children’s eyes work together as they read; in particular the relationship between their vision and dyslexia.

A concentration of reading and writing is a modern phenomenon and our eyes haven’t yet evolved to deal with so much close work. Because of this they sometimes need help.

When we read, just one dominant eye should take over the job of aiming at the words. But if both eyes try to do the same job, the words and letters appear to shift out of order sending confused messages to the brain which can cause difficulties in reading and spelling. If this takes place while a child is learning to read the effect on their confidence, enjoyment of reading and often behaviour can be profound.

These visual problems are not limited to reading difficulties in schoolchildren, although the effect is often more profound in the young because most adults will have learned to cope to some degree. Despite this, such problems often manifest as tired eyes, fatigue and headaches in the population at large. By correcting these problems, people – and especially children – read faster, more accurately and with greater confidence.

A deep understanding of eye dominance is fundamental to Schoolvision. Using established sight tests and corrective spectacles, specialist Schoolvision opticians work with children to reinforce the dominant eye and improve their ability to read and interpret words.

In addition to a full eye test, Schoolvision asssesses:

  • Difficulties at school
  • Muscle balance
  • A child’s dominant eye
  • The ability for eyes to follow a moving object
  • That both eyes can focus clearly for reading
  • Reading speed
  • Colour preference and light sensitivity

How does it help?

Following the Schoolvision assessment, where spectacles or contact lenses are prescribed and sometimes eye exercises…the benefits for your child are:

  • Better school performance
  • Increased reading speed
  • Better at arithmetic
  • Increased self esteem / confidence
  • Clearer writing
  • Increased concentration
  • Decreased tiredness & anxiety
  • Reduction of headaches/migraines
  • calming effect (in children with hyperactivity)

SchoolVision Assessments Fees:

Prab Boparai BSc(Hons) MCOptom Dip ScV : £60

Call 01902 655 901 or click here to book a Schoolvision assessment today!

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